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Imperial caviar 34
Smoked sturgeon, cauliflower, leek

Brook trout 27
Gherkin, Granny Smith, home-made kefir, dill

King prawn 30
Flamed, pumpkin, coconut, calamansi

Arctic Sea codfish 27
Pickled radish, turnip, marjoram

Scallop 32
Roasted mushroom stock, miso cream, parsnip, Sansho peper

Marschland-Duck & Alpine Cheese 32
Breast, heart, pickled onion, lovage

Bison 48
Filet, beans served two ways, salted blueberries, black salsify, sour cream

Curd & apricot 22
Pickled dried apricots, sorbet, gooseberry, poppyseed, mousse

Hugos Degustation
8 course menu 165
6 course menu 145
Caviar, Brook trout, King Pawn, Scallop, Bison, Apricot
4 course menu 110
Caviar, Brook trout, Bison, Apricot

Corresponding wines
8 course menu 120
6 course menu 95
4 course menu 68

0,1 l per course including mineral water
and one cup of coffee

Our Classics

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Tyrolean veal for two persons 150
Grilled filet, tongue, pumpkin, pickled mushrooms, wild broccoli
Carved at the table. Please allow approx. 20 minutes time for preparation .

Raw milk cheese from the trolley 22
by Maître Affineur Waltmann

Vegetarian Delight

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Organic eggyolk 20
Confit, beetroot, spinach, couscous

Celery & grapes 24
Baked in sea salt, caramelized grape juice, walnut, Sherry PX vinegar

Seasonal white cabbage 28
Boskop apple, cabbage rolls, kimchi, cabbage emulsion

Mandarin & white Opalys chocolate 22
Sorbet, macadamia nut, salt caramel, orange biscuit

Vegetarian Delight
4 course menu 85
3 course menu 70

Corresponding wines
3 course menu 52
4 course menu 68

0,1 l per course including mineral water
and one cup of coffee